‘butcher Boys’ Review: A ‘texas Chainsaw’ Wannabe (video)

Lollipop Chainsaw Review (PS3)

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After almost killing a dog that runs into the street, they meet the Butcher Boys, a group of men dressed in black leather jackets. Fights break out, chasing ensues, and it all becomes very ho-hum after the first 40 minutes or so. There are a few characters that have some very humorous moments, but not a single one gets enough development to make us care for him or her. One comes in looking for his daughter, while he carries around a gun and his whole body looks to be covered in Crisco. The problem is that we dont know this character. He just makes a quick appearance and then leaves. He comes back later and the viewer just kind of shrugs upon his return. The unfortunate thing is that Butcher Boys almost seemed like it had potential to be a different kind of horror film. If it had followed the irony of Swifts essay, it may have been a unique twist. But when Henkel and the directors (Duane Graves and Justin Meeks) seem more focused on trying to make this a Texas Chainsaw spinoff, including having multiple cameos of those from the original films (Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns, for example), all hopes go out the window.
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Lollipop Chainsaw Review (PS3)

Lollipop Chainsaw is his latest game, handled in association with filmmaker James Gunn (director of movies such a Slither as well as a few Troma films). Just in case the title of the game did not give it away, these two guys working together should give you a pretty clear idea of what youre getting into. You play the game as a high school cheerleader named Juliet who also happens to be a trained Zombie hunter who carries a chainsaw in her school bag. The story starts the morning of her birthday and she is late meeting her boyfriend Nick before school, so shes racing on her bike as fast as she can. Then suddenly Zombie apocalypse. Juliet is an interesting protagonist, theres an ironic sweet innocence to her which makes her likable, though also pretty creepy when you consider she is ripping undead former classmates apart with a smile and a giggle. As sexualized as she is visually, she tends to be unrealistically naive and childlike. She cares about teenage problems such as winning nationals with her cheerleading squad or her love of lollipops possibly making her fat (?!).
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In fact, for a Suda51 game, it is surprising just how terrible the dialog is and how few times it actually makes you laugh. Adding to the rather lackluster jokes and story, the dialogue in the game is atrocious and the voice acting doesnt help. Juliets sister Rosalind was the worst decision ever made, turning a whole level silent as the best course of action is to mute your TV instead of listen to her laugh the entire time. None of the other characters really provide anything special and almost all of the bosses are equally annoying. Now that we have all those elements of the story and characters out of the way, we can dig into the gameplay aspect of the game; which is what its all about, right? Sadly, the core of the combat falls extremely short. Juliet has a low and high attack for her chainsaw and an attack with her pom-poms. The idea here is the stun the zombies with your pom-poms and then decapitate them with your chainsaw. You can also just deal them enough damage and finally take their head off. Line up at least three zombies in a row and decapitate them all at once to receive a Sparkle Hunting reward. Problem is, it is extremely difficult to get this, as zombies will disrupt your attacks more often than not and it takes a while to get their health down enough http://thechainsawreview.com/ to take off their head. It makes it worse when you finally do a sparkle hunting on accident, because every time you do it, you are greeted with a splash screen telling you that you succeeded and how much money you are getting.
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Tree-trimming Truck Destroyed In Saturday Fire

(9/9/13) Videos Interviews with Thiells family upset after memorial tree torn down THIELLS – County highway workers cut down a tree that had served as a memorial to a Pomona teen who died in a car crash. Last January, 18-year-old Anthony Amoros, of Pomona, crashed into the tree after hitting a patch of ice and losing control of his car. He later died at the hospital. Workers removed personal items from the tree and placed them around a nearby tree before cutting it down. Rockland County Highway Superintendent Charles Vezzetti says the department doesn’t generally inform the public in advance of a tree removal. He says the tree was cut down because it was sick. Vezzetti says the spot where the tree used to be can still be used as a memorial. For more on the tree, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612. Be the first to rate: 0
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Crews cut down tree memorializing crash victim Anthony Amoros, of Pomona

Assistant Chief Larry Layne said the cause of the fire may have been a fuel line or hydraulic line. No one was injured. The man in the bucket of the truck jumped about six to eight feet safely to the ground, Layne said. Fire also spread to a shed causing an estimated $2,000 damage and about $2,500 worth of damage to a neighbors garage, Layne said. Half a dozen firefighters responded and put out the fire in about 15 minutes, Layne said. Fire destroyed a 1989 Ford 700 bucket truck used for trimming trees, and damaged a garage and shed Saturday morning. The Massillon Fire Department responded just before 11 a.m. to the 2500 block of Millersburg Road SW. Whisman Tree Service, of Akron, was cutting down a tree when fire best chainsaw started in the truck.
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